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The Blueprint 

The New Jerusalem

Every creature is assigned a dwelling place in correlation to its laws that grant it access to the depth of its being. it's impossible for a being to access a place whose laws are different from those that it carries. 

The Voice of My Beloved

Michael Joseph

Thus said, The Blueprint of Heaven is the law from which the perfect man is birthed.

The Voice Of My Beloved

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Hidden Worlds

The Secret Place

When you ascend to Heaven there are places beyond which no man can ascend, in those places, Abba is completely invisible. I also know places on the earth where no flesh can trade until the appointed time for its revealing. 

The Voice Of My Beloved

Michael Joseph

But mysterious to them all are places that are spoken of in the bible that are not in the Heavens, not in the Earth, and definitely not under the earth.  

The Voice Of My Beloved

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Song Of H - God Of Israel

The Bridal Chamber

Deep within every believer, a song is engrained that they ooze in sweet intimacy with Abba. 

The Voice Of My Beloved

Michael Joseph


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. For thy love is better than wine. Song of Solomon 1:1

The Voice Of My Beloved

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Into the Light

Behind Story

The Experience of every creature is solely determined by its Nature. The measure of the quality of Life for One that is Born Again is by no means close to He that is Born of Water and of the Spirit. 

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A word from the founder

“A few years ago I was visited by the Lord and He told me that a time would come when heavenly visitations would become very common that it would be awkward for a person to be born of the Spirit and live without a single Heavenly encounter. He then gave me an academy that would engage this word so that He would bring it to full manifestation. So I would like to extend a warm visitation to all those that are considering joining us. ”

Prophet Michael Joseph

Founder of the School of Ascension

Journey with us into the secret places of the Almighty 

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School Of Ascenion

The Spirit Being was never the final man that Abba had planned to bring to life, He was simply the beginning of the journey. 


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